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4 August 2022: Google joins the seL4 Foundation

Google The seL4 Foundation is pleased to welcome Google as our latest member.

We are excited to see their interest in seL4 and look forward to seeing their work with seL4.

30 June 2022: The seL4 summit Program is available!

seL4 summit Have a look at the seL4 summit Program! We have an amazing line-up of cool seL4 work, with a combination of technical research and development, experience reports of seL4 in the field, technical discussions and Birds-of-a-feather sessions, as well as a whole day of seL4 bootcamp with tutorials and training.

seL4 Summit program

17 June 2022: LatticeX joins the seL4 Foundation

LatticeX The seL4 Foundation is pleased to welcome Lattice X.

LatticeX Foundation cultivates academic research, technology advancements and industrial applications in the fields that foster the development of LatticeX ecosystem.

LatticeX is the vision of large-scale distributed network supporting the expansive economy activities and broader business applications where users can recognize the sovereignty and privacy of their own data, and leverage the ecosystem of sophisticated computing technologies to collaboratively unearth the value of data and benefit from data-value transactions throughout.

Yuning Liang, LatticeX Foundation Security Advisor said: "We are so glad to join seL4 foundation. Hopefully, we can specialise seL4 technology into the web 3.0 domain from cross chain bridge node OS to hardware wallet OS for improving their security and stability."

2 May 2022: One week left to propose a talk at the seL4 summit 2022!

A reminder that you have until Monday 9th of May 2022 to propose a talk for the seL4 Summit 2022.

29 April 2022: The seL4 Summit 2022 will be in Munich, Germany, on 10-12 Oct 2022
seL4 Summit 2022

It is our pleasure to confirm that the seL4 Summit 2022 will be in:

Munich, Germany in the week of Oct 10th, 2022

It will be hosted by seL4 Foundation member Hensoldt Cyber. It will be a hybrid in-person/online event. If you'd like to propose a talk to be delivered remotely, please notify it in the submission.

Remember that you have until Monday 9th of May 2022 to propose a talk.

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11 April 2022: The seL4® trademark is now registered in the US

The Linux Foundation has registered seL4® as a trademark in the United States and other countries. We encourage the use of the seL4® name and logo in your work, following the usage rules here.

6 April 2022: Our second annual AGM to be held 6 April 2022
seL4 Foundation

Our second Annual General Meeting (AGM) 6 April 2022. As our membership now is truly global, covering New Zealand, Australia, China, the Middle East, Central and Western Europe, the US East, Central and West coasts, there is no time that is not in the middle of the night for some members. Hence we will hold the AGM in two sessions:

  • 2022-04-06 07:00–08:30 UTC
  • 2022-04-06 23:00 – 2022-04-07 00:30 UTC
30 March 2022: The Call for Presentations for the seL4 summit 2022 is out!
seL4 Summit 2022

We are calling for proposals to present at the seL4 Summit 2022.

Share your seL4 work

Share your seL4 experience

Share your seL4 thoughts

Share your seL4 questions

Check the full Call For Presentations. To propose a talk, send an abstract of one page or less by Monday 9th of May 2022 to

18 March 2022: Meet the Program Committee of the seL4 summit 2022!
seL4 Summit 2022

The seL4 Foundation is excited to have gathered a top notch team of people to serve as PC members for the seL4 summit 2022. They come from across the the seL4 ecosystem: users, contributors, committers, experts, advocates, researchers, and engineers.

Stay tuned for the Call for Presentation soon!

PC for seL4 Summit 2022

14 March 2022: Olivier Engelkes is Hensoldt Cyber's new representative on the seL4 Board
Olivier Engelkes

The seL4 Foundation is pleased to welcome Olivier Engelkes as Hensoldt Cyber's new representative on the seL4 Foundation Board.

Olivier is Head of Engineering at HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH, premium member of the seL4 Foundation and Munich-based company which develops embedded IT products that meet the highest security requirements, combining an operating system based on verified seL4 with a RISC-V processor that is protected from supply-chain attacks. Olivier replaces Sascha Kegreiß as HENSOLDT Cyber's representative on the seL4 Foundation Board.

2 February 2022: NCSC joins the seL4 Foundation

NCSC The seL4 Foundation is pleased to welcome the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

The NCSC, the UK’s technical authority on cyber security, uses the seL4 Microkernel to enforce separation in a number of high-assurance situations. The government organisation is actively exploring research opportunities to further develop its seL4 use cases. NCSC Technical Director Dr Ian Levy said: "We’re pleased to join the seL4 Foundation. seL4 is some of the most highly assured software and its development plays an important role in the next generation of high-assurance devices. We support the long-term stability of the seL4 microkernel ecosystem and are looking at opportunities to develop our use cases for it."

1 February 2022: Call for bids to host the seL4 Summit 2022!

seL4 summit The seL4 Foundation will be organising the fourth edition of the seL4 Summit, in October 2022.

A Program Committee will be in charge of the technical side (more on that soon) and an Hosting Team will be in charge of organising the event.

We are now calling for bids to be the Host team for the seL4 Summit 2022!

Bids should be sent to before 22 February 2022.

More information here.

28 January 2022: Kry10 receives interim endorsement as a Trusted Service Provider

Kry10 logo The seL4 Foundation has awarded Interim Endorsement to Kry10 as a Trusted Service Provider. More on our Services, Training and Products page.