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Joining is an easy process via the Linux Foundation's online signup page.

Note that seL4 Foundation members must be (or become) members of the Linux Foundation. The online process will include your Linux Foundation membership if you are not already a member. Details on Linux Foundation membership can be found here.

You can review the seL4 Foundation Directed Fund Participation Agreement.

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Benefits of joining

General Benefits

  • Be associated with the world's most advanced, and most highly assured OS technology.
  • Get easy access to seL4 expertise across the Foundation, and to a community of people who are addressing similar technical issues, and targeting corresponding value propositions.
  • Influence the direction of the growth of the seL4 ecosystem through the board and its committees, including allocation of funds, approval of standards, decisions on branding, trademark use, and certification and accreditation schemes.


Support creation of artefacts everyone needs, eliminating replication of effort and reducing the cost for everyone.

Processor manufacturers

Ensure hardware is well-supported by seL4, with certified verification, to ensure competitiveness of offering in critical domains.

Service providers

Become an certified trusted seL4 provider, with Foundation providing advertising opportunities, re-directing inquiries, facilitating teaming for funding bids facilitating subcontracting.

Universities and public-sector

Advertise seL4-related work and teaching material.
Establish or deepen research collaborations.