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seL4 Summit 2022

Munich, Germany (hybrid), 10-13 Oct 2022


The seL4 Summit 2022 was the fourth edition of the international summit on the seL4 microkernel, the world's most highly assured OS kernel.

The first three seL4 Summits were organised by the Trusted Computing Center of Excellence, and were hosted in the US.

The seL4 Summit 2022 was the first to be organised by the seL4 Foundation, established in 2020.

Summit organisation and hosting is based on these principles.

Invited Speakers

Gernot Heiser
Gernot Heiser
Boyd Multerer
Boyd Multerer


We are very fortunate to welcome four leaders at major funding agencies to participate in a session Funding agencies: priorities and vision. They will each give their views on the priorities and vision of their agency in terms of high-assurance systems.


We have an amazing line-up of cool seL4 work, with a combination of technical research and development, experience reports of seL4 in the field, technical discussions and Birds-of-a-feather sessions, as well as a whole day of seL4 bootcamp with tutorials and training.

Program committee


We are grateful to the following sponsors for their financial support of the seL4 summit 2022.


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