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seL4 Foundation Governance

The seL4 Foundation is established as a project under The Linux Foundation. It is designed to fulfill the key principles described here and summarised below.

The seL4 Foundation has 2 parts:

  • The seL4 Directed Fund, governed by the Governing Board.
  • The seL4 Technical Steering Committee, composed of the committers and contributors.


The seL4 Foundation is intended to be structured and governed to promote the following key principles:

  • Neutral and community-based. The seL4 Foundation will provide a long-term, independent support for the seL4 kernel and the seL4 ecosystem, by enabling the collaborative community-based development, availability and adoption of the seL4 kernel. This includes providing a familiar structure (i.e., under The Linux Foundation) for membership and raising funds to support its activities, and building the community of developers, adopters, training, and expertise. The seL4 Foundation will aim to represent the perspectives of all main actors of the seL4 community (kernel developers, kernel verifiers, ecosystem developers and adopters) in the technical and general governance of the seL4 kernel and the seL4 Foundation.
  • Grow adoption. The seL4 Foundation will enable and grow adoption of seL4 by supporting the evolution and verification of the seL4 kernel and supporting the growth of the seL4 ecosystem needed to ease the development of seL4-based systems.
  • Brand promotion and protection. The seL4 Foundation will provide official releases of the seL4 kernel with clear associated verification statements, to promote the use of seL4 as a competitive advantage, with clear traceability to the sources of the code and the proofs.

Governance Documents

The seL4 Foundation is underpinned by 2 key documents: the seL4 Foundation Fund Charter, and the seL4 Foundation Technical Charter. Both are modelled on the standard approach for Linux Foundation projects.