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Jobs in the seL4 ecosystem.

This page matches member organisations looking for seL4 expertise and people looking for jobs in the seL4 ecosystem.

The list is in chronological order, more recent at the top.

If you are a member of the seL4 Foundation! and would like to post job offers here, email with:

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25 Oct 2021: HENSOLDT Cyber is looking for researchers in formal verification, cryptography experts, and software/hardware engineers with a focus on embedded Systems


  • Company description and position in seL4 ecosystem:

    HENSOLDT Cyber is a joint venture between Secure Elements GmbH and HENSOLDT Holding Germany GmbH. We are a founding member in the seL4 Foundation and also member of the RISC-V foundation. Our mission is establishing a paradigm shift to cyber security, we advocate secure IT instead of IT security. We combine the know-how of more than one hundred years of experience in high-performance technology in the fields of defense and aerospace. We build systems that are secure from the ground up, combining innovative physical protection with mathematical proofs of software correctness to achieve true trustworthiness. We offer Security Made in Germany.
    Optimized for use in industrial, aerospace and defense applications, our customers can expect high quality military-grade security, safety critical, user-friendly and flexible solutions. Our products have been designed to ensure the integrity of embedded systems at the core: the operating system and the processor.
    The operating system TRENTOS is a revolution in cyber security based on the seL4 microkernel and CAmkES. We developed this highly secure operating system for IoT devices and cyber physical systems. seL4 provides strict isolation of components, with communication restricted to explicitly enabled channels, ensuring clarity of information flows. Mathematical proofs of implementation correctness of seL4 as well as critical components guarantee system integrity under all operating conditions.
    Our MiG-V is a RISC-V based general purpose processor targeting high-security use cases. The core's logic encryption prevents the insertion of hardware trojans through production. Running seL4 from ROM prevents any kernel modifications to achieve ensures highest security levels.
    The combination of MiG-V and TRENTOS gives HENSOLDT Cyber full control of the design and production chain. The MiG-V SoC can be used together with the formally verified seL4 microkernel hosted in the chip's internal ROM to create an ultra-secure solution.

  • Position details and link to seL4:

    In order to fulfill our mission, we are expanding our teams in Engineering (junior/senior level) and Research (PhD program and post-doc).
    We are looking for the following profiles with focus on seL4 for our office in the south of Munich or remote, Germany-wide:

    • Software Developers and Architects (18)
    • Hardware Developers and Architects (3)
    • Formal Verification Researchers and Engineers (16)
    • Cryptography Experts (Developers and Researchers) (6)

  • How to apply:

    Please visit or contact Daniela Kagerer at

28 Jun 2021: DornerWorks looking for a Senior Firmware Engineer to develop hypervisor functionality and build expertise in seL4


  • Company description and position in seL4 ecosystem:

    DornerWorks is an seL4 Foundation founding member, a leading contributor to the open source project, provides integration services, training, and tools to accelerate/support the growth of seL4 globally. Gregg Wildes is also on the board of directors for the US (seL4 focused) trusted computing COE.

  • Position details and link to seL4 :

    DornerWorks, a leader in embedded systems engineering, is growing and seeks a Senior Firmware Engineer to join our team. Our Separation Technology team is pioneering the use of hypervisors and virtualization in the embedded space. Using hypervisors in embedded applications is relatively new, and our outstanding team is partnering with vendors and customers to apply this novel technology to new products. Demand for our expertise continues to grow, and we are seeking top-notch technical minds who are comfortable blazing a trail in this emerging technology. As you develop hypervisor functionality, you will become an expert in the open source ecosystems around Xen Project hypervisor, Linux, and the seL4 micro-kernel as you gain advanced understanding of cutting-edge system-on-chips (SoC). This position is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan; however, we are open to remote employees as well.

  • How to apply:

    Please visit or contact Deb DeVries at

17 Jun 2021: NIO looking for world class experts in seL4 and OS / software platform in general


  • Company description and position in seL4 ecosystem:

    NIO Inc. is a pioneer in China’s premium electric vehicle market. We design, jointly manufacture, and sell smart and connected premium electric vehicles, driving innovations in next generation technologies in connectivity, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. Redefining user experience, we provide users with comprehensive, convenient and innovative charging solutions and other user-centric service offerings. NIO went public in U.S. in 2018. So far, NIO has launched 3 mass production vehicle models: ES8, ES6, and EC6, and accumulated deliveries to users are over 120,000. Starting September, NIO will start delivering to users in Norway. NIO invests heavily in in-house R&D to build full-stack cutting-edge technologies around intelligent and autonomous driving EV. Its engineering teams are distributed across the globe, including US, UK, Germany and China. See more on the company's profile.

    Digital Systems department at NIO is missioned to develop the most advanced software platform for the next-generation autonomous driving vehicles in the industry from the ground up. This platform is internally named NIO Vehicle Operating System (NVOS), and based off seL4. It involves solving a wide range of technical challenges, such as seamless app development on heterogeneous hardware chipsets, low-latency & high throughput data processing, powerful AI framework, automobile-grade safety and security guarantee, and complete toolchains to provide Android alike development experience.

  • Position details and link to seL4 :

    We are looking for world class experts in seL4 and OS / software platform in general, and positions available range from NVOS Architect (x5), Software Developer (x4), Software Dev Engineer in Test (x3), Security Engineer in Formal Verification (x1), to Chief Software Architect / Technical Fellow (x1), and are based in San Jose or Seattle in U.S. Some job postings can be found here

  • How to apply:

    Please send resume to Selena Parigoris ( and Qiyan Wang (