[seL4] Announcing seL4 9.0.1: with RISC-V support

Kent.Mcleod at data61.csiro.au Kent.Mcleod at data61.csiro.au
Wed Apr 18 14:11:16 AEST 2018

We are pleased to announce initial RISC-V support for the UC Berkeley Spike simulator platform.

Instructions are available for building and running the seL4 test suite on RISC-V: <https://docs.sel4.systems/Hardware/RISCV>

​See an online copy of the release notes at:

# seL4 Version 9.0.1 Release
 Announcing the release of `seL4 9.0.1` with the following changes:

9.0.1 2018-04-18: BINARY COMPATIBLE

## Changes
 * On 64-bit architectures, the `label` field of `seL4_MessageInfo` is now 52 bits wide. User-level programs
   which use any of the following functions may break, if the program relies on these functions to mask the
   `label` field to the previous width of 20 bits.
     - `seL4_MessageInfo_new`
     - `seL4_MessageInfo_get_label`
     - `seL4_MessageInfo_set_label`
 * Initial prototype RISC-V architecture port. This port currently only supports running in 64-bit mode without FPU or
   or multicore support on the Spike simulation platform. There is *no verification* for this platform.

## Upgrade Notes

# Full changelog
 Refer to the git log in
<https://github.com/seL4/seL4> using `git log 9.0.0..9.0.1`

# More details
 See the
[9.0.1 manual](http://sel4.systems/Info/Docs/seL4-manual-9.0.1.pdf) included in the release or ask on the mailing list!# CAmkES Version camkes-3.3.0 Release


# CAmkES Version camkes-3.4.0 Release

Announcing the release of `` with the following changes:

camkes-3.4.0 2018-04-18

Using seL4 version 9.0.1

## Changes

## Upgrade Notes

# Full changelog
 Use `git log camkes-3.3.0..camkes-3.4.0` in

# More details
 See the
or ask on the mailing list!

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