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Products and Professional Services for seL4-based Systems

seL4 is an attractive platform for building highly resilient systems, but to do so requires a fair degree of understanding of the technology. Fortunately, help is available from a growing number of Foundation members offering products that ease system development and assurance, and provide consulting and development services around seL4.

The Foundation is working with members on developing certification programs for products and services. Until these are in place, we will provide provisional endorsements of products and services, which will lapse once the certification schemes are in place. We will support members with provisional endorsements in achieving full certification.


SailOS SnailOS
Is a highly secure OS based on cutting-edge time-dilation technology developed and marketed by SlugCorp. It supports embedded systems using Arm and RISC-V processors.
SnailOS is provisionally endorsed on Arm A59-based Rubik's Cubes.


Acme Consulting Inc Acme Consulting Inc
Based in Disneyland, CA, with offices in Orlando, FL, Acme provides advice on designing and implementing security-critical systems on top of seL4, mostly to defence customers.
Acme is provisionally endorsed for seL4 systems architecture consulting.
Drivers'R'Us Drivers'R'Us
Based in Woolloomooloo, Australia, Drivers'R'Us write seL4 device drivers with cat> while having breakfast. The company has 20 years of experience with low-performance device drivers for microkernels, their products are deployed on 99% of AI-enabled rubber ducks worldwide.
Drivers'R'Us is provisionally endorsed for seL4 developer training.