seL4 Developer Days and Workshops

Developer Days

The seL4 Developer Days are informal events, aimed at brining together and building the seL4 community. They are a forum where developers and users can share insights and advice. We provide tutorials, hands-on advice sessions and advanced topics for self-paced work.

We hold Developer Days when there is interest from the community, or we feel that it's been a while since the last one and that we should do one again. If you thinks it's time for another one, let us know.


At the seL4 Workshops the focus is much more on what is happening with seL4 and what interesting things are being done using seL4 rather than a learning or tutorial event.

We would like to hold a seL4 Workshop at least once a year.

Upcoming Events

No scheduled events

Past Events

Date Event
14 August 2015 First seL4 Developer Day
8-9 October 2015 Second seL4 Developer Day
15 December 2016 First International seL4 Workshop