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An Endorsed Service Provider for seL4-based systems

HENSOLDT Cyber In the development of high assurance systems with military grade security, HENSOLDT Cyber works intensively with the seL4 microkernel. As we aim to increase the usability of seL4 technologies, we develop user-friendly components bundled in the seL4 operating system TRENTOS, providing an easy-to-use basis for the development of embedded systems. We support our customers by guiding them with our seL4 experience and improving their development time by advising them on the correct application of the seL4 technologies.
HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH is an Endorsed Service Provider for seL4-based systems in operating systems:
  • systems: kernel platform port
  • systems: user-level OS (TRENTOS, CAmkES)
  • systems: applications
  • verification: user-level OS
  • verification: applications
Additionally, the seL4 Foundation previously assessed and endorsed HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH's TRENTOS training and product.

HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH Services

  • seL4 microkernel:
    • HW selection, configuration, integration, customization
    • Virtualization of Legacy OS
  • Userland components:
    • (consultancy for) userland component development
    • (consultancy for) driver porting / development
  • Security Consultancy:
    • Create a systems view from IT Security perspective
    • Identify possible threats
    • Identify means to address identified threats
    • Support you in setting up Aviation development standards (e.g. RTCA-DO 335)
    • Support you in creating high assurance systems based on seL4
    • HW / SW Codesign
      • Support of HW (Crypto) accelerators
      • ASIC (esp. RISC-V processors) design
  • TRENTOS Training
    • Introduction of the fundamental aspects of TRENTOS, a novel, seL4-based, secure embedded operating system developed by HENSOLDT Cyber;
    • Background and basics of seL4 and CAmkES;
    • Creating your first TRENTOS application.
    • The module will be taught by Sebastian Eckl, an seL4 and TRENTOS expert.
    • TRENTOS is a seL4-based operating system.
    • It provides a complete development environment that equips a developer with all the tools required for building, testing and deploying TRENTOS-based systems to the real world.
    • The SDK contains the actual operating system (OS) source code, consisting of seL4, CAmkES and TRENTOS, but also offers a collection of additional resources designed to make developer's work easier by increasing efficiency and reducing complexity.


  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial