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An Endorsed Service Provider for seL4-based systems

Cog Systems Inc Cog has been preparing for the revolution in connected device architecture since 2017. The traditional architecture of IoT and other connected devices has created innumerable opportunities for bad actors to compromise the device, thereby forcing security policy to accept higher risk and restricted access, which in turn poses a burden on users. We have adopted an embedded solution set, leveraging seL4, built on modularity, proactive security, trustworthiness, and adaptability to enable highly secure connected devices.
As the leading integrator of type-1 visualization solutions based on seL4, Cog leverages modularity to isolate critical functions and services on connected devices. This approach pro-actively secures these devices by reducing the attack surface and increases reliability by eliminating single points of failure. Cog focuses on securing the kernel, data, and network as the baseline to our security. Additionally, we can isolate specific applications, operating systems, drivers, or services to further achieve a full defense in depth based solution. The system can scale linearly and infinitely, thus reducing bottlenecks and preserving performance. All of this is available for the IoT market with the flexibility to run all applications effectively and securely.
Cog Systems Inc is an Endorsed Service Provider for:
  • systems: user-level OS (VM)
  • systems: applications

Cog Systems Services

  • Strategy Insight for Market, and Technology solutions for security on SoC, IoT, and Mobile Devices.
  • Integration Services for the full range of Embedded Systems
  • Device Optimization related to performance and user experience for embeded solution based devices.
  • On-going Maintenance and Support