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Funding the next big steps for the seL4 project

Alongside growing the seL4 ecosystem, protect and promote the seL4 brand and provide longevity to seL4, one of the aims of the seL4 foundation is to provide an avenue for funding on-going research, on-going engineering as well as sharing the cost of "big-ticket" verification items, through its membership revenue, and through specific fund-raising to address particular needs.

Together, we can change the world of critical systems, to achieve real security!

Support by joining

By joining the adventure, you can support:

Support by donating

You can contribute to seL4 though the Linux Foundation's crowdfunding portal.

Alternatively, for larger donations, we can raise an invoice through the Linux Foundation, please contact us if you want to take this route.

Continuity Project

We are currently running a call for funding for a "Continuity Project". This will be specifically targeted to the transition of the infrastructure (testing, boards etc) and the immediate support needs (maintenance of all configurations, libraries, releases etc) to the Foundation (following CSIRO’s decision to wind up the Trustworthy Systems group).

To contribute to this project, use any of the 2 options above. You can contact us to let us know that this contribution is towards the Continuity project, else any contributions made in the months of May, June and July 2021, tagged for “Development”, will be used for this Continuity project.