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seL4 Summit 2024

Sydney, Australia

15-17 October 2024


Industrial Scale Proof Engineering for Critical Trustworthy Applications (INSPECTA)


Presented by Darren Cofer, Collins Aerospace

Formal methods have been successfully deployed at scale in production environments at large internet companies, but barriers remain to their adoption by defense companies developing national security systems. The goal of the INSPECTA project (part of the DARPA PROVERS program which has just started in 2024) is to improve the security of defense and aerospace systems by dramatically improving the usability, flexibility, and accessibility of formal methods-based development and verification tools. We will leverage memory-safe programming languages (Rust), a provably secure microkernel (seL4), and new formal methods tools and make them accessible to the defense industry workforce. These open source technologies will be integrated into an aerospace CertDevOps workflow automation processes and applied to the development of mission critical systems to demonstrate their usability, practicality, and effectiveness. We will demonstrate the tools and workflow by addressing emerging security requirements for the Air Launched Effects (ALE) mission computing platform. This will include re- architecting the mission sotfware as a collection of virtual machines running legacy code and selected high-criticality components, producing an architecture model for the system, porting selected software to Rust, building software to run on seL4, and verifying critical safety and security properties. This presentation will provide an overview of the PROVERS program objectives, the INSPECTA workflow to be developed, and the assurance evidence to be produced.

seL4 in Software-Defined Vehicles: Vision, Roadmap, and Impact at NIO


Presented by Ning Qu, NIO

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, with software-defined vehicles (SDVs) at the forefront of this transformation. At NIO, we are leveraging the seL4 microkernel to redefine vehicle architecture, ensuring robust safety, reliability, and performance. This presentation will explore the vision behind integrating seL4 into our SDV platform. We will share the journey of delivering the seL4-based SkyOS-M within the ONVO vehicle on our latest NT3 platform, highlight the significant impact this integration has had on our vehicle design and functionality, and outline our future roadmap beyond the current launch.