[seL4] seL4 in an SGX enclave?

Gernot.Heiser at data61.csiro.au Gernot.Heiser at data61.csiro.au
Tue Feb 27 21:02:59 AEDT 2018

On 27 Feb 2018, at 20:47, Corey Richardson <corey at octayn.net> wrote:
> This is email is me being kinda lazy. Does anyone know how challenging this
> would actually be to pull off? I'm interested in looking into it, but can't for a while.
> I feel like it makes sense to bootload some little stub that sets up seL4 as the only
> enclave in the system. I don't see any reason to have multiple enclaves when
> using seL4. But, from this, it should be possible to get a good static root of trust
> remote attestation on Google Cloud.

Running seL4 as the trusted base on SGX would be nice. Unfortunately, SGX has a major shortcoming (which I told the Intel folks as soon as I saw it first): SG enclaves run in Ring 3. Which means there is no protection inside an enclave, you have to trust everything in there, and consequently seL4 is of no help at all.


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