[seL4] RefOS Building and Execution Error

Peter.Chubb at data61.csiro.au Peter.Chubb at data61.csiro.au
Fri Feb 9 14:09:06 AEDT 2018

>>>>> "ALVI" == ALVI Aslam (MORPHO) <aslam.alvi at idemia.com> writes:

ALVI> I was currently understanding the RefOS but the current code
ALVI> which is present in GIT is not Buildable at all.  But after
ALVI> doing some workaround by myself I was able to build it
ALVI> successfully.

Hi Alvi,
   There are two manifests in the refos-manifest github repository.
   If you use `working.xml'  and compile with gcc-5 the result works.

   teh default manifest tries to grab the tip of tree for all the
   libraries; API changes in loibplatsupport and elsewhere mean that
   this no longer works.  We have no resources to maintain refos at
   the moment.

	mkdir refos-working
	cd refos-working
	repo init -m working.xml -b master -u https://github.com/seL4/refos-manifest
	repo sync
	make ia32_debug_defconfig
	make CC=gcc-5
	make simulate-ia32

This worked for me today.

Peter C
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