[seL4] camkes-arm-vm not registering GPIO?

Steven Johnston steve.johnston at adventiumlabs.com
Tue May 9 09:45:24 AEST 2017

Hi All,

I am playing around with the capabilities of the camkes-arm-vm project
pn the Tegra TK1 and and wondering if someone else has come across this
issue.  It looks like GPIO functionality is not available in the buildroot.

I can confirm the GPIO source is present and is being built:


[CC] src/plat/tk1/gpio.o

The expected sysfs support is not present and looking and the relevant

# dmesg | grep gpio

[    0.057543] gpiochip_add: GPIOs 0..255 (tegra-gpio) failed to register
[    1.485061] input: gpio-keys as /devices/soc0/gpio-keys/input/input0

Any thoughts on what could be causing GPIO to the failing to register?


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