[seL4] sel4test data abort when boot strap test program

Joyce Peng(彭美僑) joyce.peng at mstarsemi.com
Tue May 9 17:15:44 AEST 2017

Hi all,
I tried to run seL4 test suite on my ARM Cortex-A7 target board.
There is no error message when boot up seL4 kernel and boot strap test program on seL4 user land.
But I got a “data abort” message after call sel4utils_map_page(..vaddr) and do memset(vaddr, 0, PAGE_SIZE_4K);

There are some debug information list below.

<1> I add debug message before the program that happen data abort
diff --git a/libsel4utils/src/vspace/bootstrap.c b/libsel4utils/src/vspace/bootstrap.c
index c366a35..70d378a 100644
--- a/libsel4utils/src/vspace/bootstrap.c
+++ b/libsel4utils/src/vspace/bootstrap.c
@@ -107,13 +107,13 @@ static void *alloc_and_map(vspace_t *vspace, size_t size) {

             error = sel4utils_map_page(data->vka, data->vspace_root, frame.cptr, vaddr,
                                        seL4_AllRights, 1, objects, &num);
+               LOG_ERROR("my-hacker\n");
             if (error) {
                 vka_free_object(data->vka, &frame);
                 LOG_ERROR("Failed to map bootstrap frame at %p, error: %d", vaddr, error);
                 return NULL;
+               LOG_ERROR("my-hacker alloc_and_map() before memset vaddr=0x%x\n",vaddr);
             /* Zero the memory */
             memset(vaddr, 0, PAGE_SIZE_4K);

<2>Printed messages:

ELF-loader started on CPU: ARM Ltd. Cortex-A7 r0p5
ELF-loading image 'kernel'
ELF-loading image 'sel4test-driver'
Enabling MMU and paging
Jumping to kernel-image entry point...

Bootstrapping kernel
Booting all finished, dropped to user space
Warning: using printf before serial is set up. This only works as your
printf is backed by seL4_Debug_PutChar()
alloc_and_map at bootstrap.c:111 my-hacker
alloc_and_map at bootstrap.c:119 my-hacker alloc_and_map() before memset() vaddr=0xdf7fe000

<3>When happen data abort, the value of CPU registers:

<4>Objdump sel4test-driver.
0000cbc8 <memset>:
    cbc8:       e3520000        cmp     r2, #0
    cbcc:       e92d4030        push    {r4, r5, lr}
    cbd0:       08bd8030        popeq   {r4, r5, pc}
    cbd4:       e0803002        add     r3, r0, r2
    cbd8:       e6ef1071        uxtb    r1, r1
    cbdc:       e3520002        cmp     r2, #2
    cbe0:       e5431001        strb    r1, [r3, #-1]
    cbe4:       e5c01000        strb    r1, [r0]
    cbe8:       98bd8030        popls   {r4, r5, pc}
    cbec:       e3520006        cmp     r2, #6
It seems to write virtual address 0xdf7ff000.

<5>The virtual address 0xdf7fe000 is not map in page table

It seems sel4utils_map_page() not create page table for user land program correctly.
Can anyone help me, how to solve this problem? Thanks!

Joyce Peng(彭美僑)
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