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Hi Oak,

My understanding is that in your use case, the map is a one-off and therefore not performance-critical, while the re-map needs to be done on each snapshot and therefore is performance-critical.

I hope the student gets to evaluate alternative implementation so we can see how much benefit bulk operations would provide.


On 2 May 2017, at 15:32 , Norrathep Rattanavipanon <nrattana at uci.edu<mailto:nrattana at uci.edu>> wrote:

Hi Adrain and Gernot,

Thank you for the clarification. Yes, sorry, forgot to mention that we are using ARM i.MX6 Sabre Lite and forgot to mention some backgrounds.

We are interested in benchmarking (1) the time to lock large memory regions (switching from R/W to R/O) and (2) the time to map large memory regions as Gernot mentioned its for providing a consistent snapshot of user memory.
So just to make sure the current implementation for that is the optimal remap (modify paging structure, clean cache, invalidate tlb), correct?

@Gernot, right, per our discussion, we only discussed out a bulk mapping operation (mapping from other processes into the root process) but I was not sure about locking (which is remapping in this case). Thank you for confirming.


On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 10:18 PM, <Gernot.Heiser at data61.csiro.au<mailto:Gernot.Heiser at data61.csiro.au>> wrote:
On 2 May 2017, at 3:21 , Norrathep Rattanavipanon <nrattana at uci.edu<mailto:nrattana at uci.edu>> wrote:

2) If my understanding in 1) is correct, the remap function only takes 1 cap at a time.
So if I want to modify access rights of many pages, do I have to call the remap function multiple times?
Or is there a more efficient way to do so?

Hi Oak,

As we discussed in person, this is a known issue of our API, and I have presently a student doing some evaluations. I have your use case in mind when talking to the student – for everyone else’s benefit, this is about a consistent shapshot of user memory for doing remote attestation.

I would be interested in other use cases for a bulk re-mapping operation. I suspect that there are use cases where this might be a bottleneck, but it would be good to identify specific cases of enough significance to consider an API change. Certainly there won’t be a change if we don’t have convincing use cases.


Norrathep (Oak) Rattanavipanon
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