[seL4] am335x test PREEMPT_REVOKE hanging

Adrian Danis Adrian.Danis at nicta.com.au
Mon Feb 16 14:08:03 EST 2015

The most likely cause of this test failing is because the timer is not
getting configured correctly and the 'wait_for_interrupt' in
'preempt_count_func' to never return. sel4test here will use whatever
the default hardware timer for the platform is. For the am335x this
looks like the 'DM timer'. Possible problems are
* Timer not being configured correctly and not counting
* Interrupt for timer not being handled or being lost. Interrupt would
be 'lost' if you are listening for the wrong IRQ number
* Using a simulator that does not actually emulate the particular timer
My advice would first to be confident that the timer is counting
accurately and giving you interrupts (i.e. wait_for_interrupt returns at
the timers periodic rate).


On 16/02/15 10:08, Tim Newsham wrote:
> while running the am335x port through the sel4 test suite
> I'm getting a hang in the PREEMPT_REVOKE test. It
> appears the revoke_thread is getting created but it is
> never getting executed and hence the wait_for_helper
> on the revoke thread is hanging indefinitely..  Any idea
> what would cause this behavior?
> Tim
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