[seL4] Status of supporting Beaglebone?

Kun Cheng chengkunck at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 14:03:41 EST 2015

Hi guys,

I happened to find out that beaglebone was listed in the menuconfig.
After that I immediately bought a Beaglebone black (Yeah I know
beaglebone is different from bb black, but it might succeed. LOL.) and
tried to build a image for my bb black . But I found code errors
during compilation.

I use arm-none-eabi tool chains and the gcc version is 4.8.

Errors occurred in

sel4test/libs/libplatsupport/src/clock.c which includes
platsupport/plat/clock.h but it doesn't exist

sel4test/libs/libplatsupport/src/plat/am335x/dm.c has several coding
mistakes, like:

in function dm_stop_timer() the 'timer' is undeclared
in function dm_periodic() dm is undeclared
in function dm_get_timer()
          timer->properties.upcounter = false; but 'false' is undeclared
          timer->properties.bitwidth = 32; should probably be
          timer->properties.bit_width = 32;

          and timer->start = dm_timer_start;
                 timer->stop = dm_timer_stop;
          should probably be:
                 timer->start = dm_start_timer;
                 timer->stop = dm_stop_timer;

also I got a redundant redeclaration of 'ki_end' in

which the compiler thought the previous declaration of ki_end was in :

So I am just wandering if beaglebone support is still under
development? If any of you run sel4 successfully on beaglebone black,
please give me some instructions. Currently I removed building
platform independent libraries from menuconfig and the compilation
went well. But I don't think it's a good idea.

And I also find the cross tool chains which is recommend for Debian
Wheezy on the http://sel4.systems/Download/DebianToolChain.pml seems
to be not working well for compiling beagle configs. I got cc1 options
error during compiling which is due to that  some of the options are
supported by gcc 4.5 or later while the recommended one is based on
gcc 4.4.

Best regards,

Kun Cheng

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