[seL4 Announce] seL4 2.0.0

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Mon Nov 30 09:21:10 AEDT 2015

The Trustworthy Systems Team at Data61 (formerly NICTA) is pleased to
announce seL4 release 2.0.0

The new release cleans up a large backlog of improvements we have been
working on for the last 18 months. It also marks the transition to more
frequent and regular releases, to minimise the lag between internal and
public versions. We have also switched our release process to semantic
versioning, so it's easy to tell which seL4 releases are
binary-compatible, source-compatible, or will require updates to
user-level code.

Specific changes are performance improvements to the IPC fastpath and
scheduling, making seL4 even faster overall. All changes are formally
verified for ARMv6 to full seL4 standard. There are also changes to
terminology to eliminate confusion introduced by some object and system
call naming in the past.

For details please see the Release Notes posted on the developer mailing



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