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seL4 Trademark Guidelines

We encourage the use of the seL4® name and logo in your work, following the usage rules below.

The Linux Foundation Projects (LF Projects, LLC) has applied to register the seL4 trademark in the United States and other countries. In addition to the guidelines below, the Trademark Usage Guidelines of the LF Projects, LLC, available at, also apply to any use of the seL4 trademarks and logos.

Needed Approvals

Marketing Materials and Press Releases

Compliance Rules

The usage guidelines at apply to the seL4 mark and logos. In addition:

Do not modify the seL4 trademark or logos, e.g., do not add other characters, or change the colors, orientation or any other visual aspect of any logos.

Do not use the seL4 trademark in a misleading way. This includes:

Naming Open Source Projects

For many libraries and language bindings it makes sense to include the seL4 mark in the name of your project.

You may do so in the following forms. Do use a capital L in seL4:

Do not use e.g. seL4-<project> or seL4-<language>-bindings.

If for some reason a different form is preferable, this can often be accommodated. To use such a different form, obtain written permission from .

If your project is a generally useful part of the ecosystem of components, libraries, and frameworks around the seL4 kernel, consider hosting it under the seL4 Foundation GitHub organisation at Contact one of the members of the TSC of the foundation if you would like to do so with a description of the project, its current state and plans for the future.

Projects and repositories hosted under the seL4 Foundation GitHub organisation may use the seL4 mark more freely in their name.

Questions and Comments

We look to our community to help us retain the value of the seL4 trademark and promote the seL4 brand.

If you have questions about these guidelines or would like to report concerns regarding the use or misuse of the seL4 trademark, or to obtain written permission for a proposed use, please contact .


The seL4 Foundation and/or Linux Foundation Projects may release new versions of the seL4 trademark guidelines or The Linux Foundation Projects Trademark Usage Guidelines from time to time.