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seL4 Summit 2022

Munich, Germany (hybrid), 10-12 Oct 2022

Latest News

  • 29 Apr 2022: Location & date confirmed: Munich, Germany (hybrid), 10-12 Oct 2022
  • 30 Mar 2022: Call For Presentation, deadline 9th of May 2022
  • 16 Mar 2022: Meet the summit 2022 PC members!
  • 1 Feb 2022: Call for bids to host the seL4 Summit 2022!


The seL4 Summit 2022 is be the fourth edition of the international summit on the seL4 microkernel, the world's most highly assured OS kernel.

The first three seL4 Summits were organised by the Trusted Computed Center of Excellence, and were hosted in the US.

The seL4 Summit 2022 is the first to be organised by the seL4 Foundation, established in 2020.


The seL4 summit 2022 will be in Munich, Germany. It will be a hybrid in-person/online event. If you would like to propose a talk to be delivered remotely, please notify it in the submission.

Important Dates:

  • Abstracts due: 9th of May 2022
  • Notification of decisions: 30th of May 2022
  • Summit: 10-12 October 2022

Call for Presentations

Check the CFP. To propose a talk, send an abstract of one page or less by Monday 9th of May 2022 to If you would like to propose a talk to be delivered remotely, please notify it in the submission.


An open call for presentation invites submissions of short abstracts about cool work on seL4.

The Program Committee is in charge of the technical content (reviewing submission, selecting invited speakers, defining the program).

The Hosting Team is in charge of organising the event (venue, finances, catering, local arrangements). The Hosting Team is aimed to be selected through an open bid process by the seL4 Foundation board. The call for bids ideally occurs 2 months before the previous summit, in order for the bids for year N+1 to be presented at the summit in year N.

The location is aimed to be on a different continent each year, as far as possible, with a hybrid in-person/online event.

Program Committee


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the seL4 Foundation summit team at: